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Ruth Roshan & Tango Noir - Stories of Love and Regret

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Ruth Roshan & Tango Noir

"Stories of Love & Regret"

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Nominated for The Age Music Victoria Global/Reggae genre award

"Beautiful, beautiful music"

"Ruth Roshan & Tango Noir have done it again.  It's their third album, it's gorgeous ... the entire album is yet another piece of brilliance."

Roots & Fusion - Pure Radio (UK)

“I play it at home a lot.  It's a really lovely album. I don't know what quite it is, they've just captured something which is special and you want to keep playing it.” 

Julia Lester - ABC Classic FM


"(Ruth's) instrument, the mandolin, is beautiful and so exotic ... The music evokes some beautiful images ... made me feel like I'm on a Fellini set"

 Sigrid Hohl - Eclectic Ladyland PBS 107.5 FM

"The album affirms the distinctive rich Tango Noir sound and Ruth's poetic flair."

Graham Hawkes - RTR FM 92.1 FM

“We have Ruth’s brilliant, brilliant 3rd album as our album of the week.”

“Absolutely gorgeous … it really is just a beautiful album”

Virginia Lowe – Eastside FM

"Silent movies in black and white with smoke drifting across couples embracing to the Tango - this is the scene that Ruth paints with her music."

Featuring ...

Amir Farid (Piano), Phil Carroll (Accordion), Aaron Barnden (Violin),  Caerwen Martin (Cello), Ruth Roshan (Vocals, Mandolin); with special guest Philip Rex on Bass.

Ruth Roshan & Tango Noir have just completed their third, original album, "Stories of Love and Regret" with release date February 6, 2015.  Influenced by European tango and waltz and evoking the atmosphere of a 1930's French Salon, this recording combines lush arrangements with Ruth's bittersweet lyrics to create music which is both elegant and beautiful, new and nostalgic.

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Ruth Roshan
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Minimize     UPCOMING EVENT - Ruth Roshan & Tango Noir at the Melbourne Recital Centre 


Tango comes to the Melbourne Recital Centre in full Cabaret mode on Saturday April 9.  Tickets and more details at http://www.melbournerecital.com.au/events/2016/ruth-roshan-and-tango-noir/
Minimize     Ruth Roshan Joins ANAM Orchestra on mandolin  

Ruth Roshan was asked to join the Australian National Academy of Music on mandolin for their first concert of 2015. There were three works presented that evening, here's a review of the Lehmann work Ruth participated in (from Classic Melbourne). "Apart from his virtues as a conductor (he was recently appointed conductor of the Berlin Symphony Orchestra), the presence of Stanley Dodds contributed to a happy meeting of three notable Australian violinists at different stages of their careers for Wilfred Lehmann’s Symphonic Requiem to the Child Victims of War. Wilfred Lehmann has had a distinguished international career as a violinist in addition to his output as composer; Stanley Dodds has been a tenured violinist in the Berlin Philharmonic since 1994, in addition to being much in demand as a conductor; and soloist for this work, ANAM alumnus Shane Chen, is making his mark as a solo violinist and chamber music player, most notably with the Flinders Quartet. As the orchestra was being set up for the second item, Artistic Director Paul Dean reminisced about his association with Wilfred Lehmann in Queensland and playing in the 1993 premiere of his Symphonic Requiem. It is astonishing to think that what proved to be such an appealing and accessible work could have almost fallen into oblivion. The score had disappeared and was only discovered a year ago. Shane Chen may not have been playing on a violin he had made himself (as Wilfred Lehmann had) but he gave a persuasive account of the demanding solo part of what is essentially a violin concerto. Its four movements, played without a pause, are full of striking effects that evoke intimations of military threat, the innocence of childhood, the brutality of war and, finally, the ensuing grief. The inclusion of a mandolin to conjure up the skipping innocence of childhood was most effective in Ruth Roshan’s capable hands, its fragility making a telling contrast to the orchestra in militaristic might, drums and tuba underpinning a relentless juggernaut of threat. Chen’s violin, increasingly panic-stricken in character, culminated in an extended cadenza of keening that led in turn to a melody of lament, echoes of childhood and a final shiver of percussion bookending the piece. With such powerful and expressive playing from Chen and the orchestra and such decided approval from the audience it was little wonder that Wilfred Lehmann looked extremely pleased when he stood to take a bow. We had all been presented with a persuasive argument as to why this unjustly neglected work should be part of standard repertoire in Australian concert halls."
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When Australian classical mandolinist Ruth Roshan was introduced to live Argentinean Tango in Paris at the age of 23, she was hooked. Now, with her quintet, Tango Noir she has recorded an original album of bittersweet, melodic Tango inspired pieces and songs, and gathered an exceptional group of musicians around her in the process.

Their self-titled debut album was released in August 2009, featuring fresh arrangements of classic pieces by Astor Piazzolla, contemporary tango adaptations of Leonard Cohen and Macy Gray, plus Ruth's own original compositions for the genre.

In their second all original album, "Darling ... Keep it to Yourself", lush arrangements combine with Ruth's bittersweet lyrics to create music which is listenable and beautiful, new and nostalgic all at the same time (available from Black Market Music www.blackmarketmusic.com.au). They are currently recording a third original album.

Tune into Global Village with Roger, 5-7pm for a live set from Ruth Roshan and Tango Noir.

Minimize     You can listen to a podcast of this program below (The interview starts about 20 minutes into the program). 

Minimize   Radio Session in Stockport UK  Radio Session in Stockport UK 

In June, 2013 Ruth Roshan (mandolinist, Aus) and Ben Walker (multi-instrumenalist, UK) performed on Roots 'n Fusion, Pure FM (UK) on the day they met. Here's what happened.

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